Fundamentals - Snapshot

Revenue & Earnings
Revenue (Mil) (FY) 21.96971
EBIT (Mil) (FY) -2.22347
EBIT (Mil) (MRQ) -2.43337
EBIT (Mil) (TTM) -2.22347
EBITDA (Mil) (FY) -1.72210
EBITDA (Mil) (MRQ) -2.31084
EBITDA (Mil) (TTM) -1.72210
Net Income Excluding Extraordinary Items (Mil) (FY) -14.30838
Net Income Including Extraordinary Items (Mil) (FY) -14.30838
Diluted EPS Excluding Extraordinary Items (FY) -0.09206
Diluted EPS Including Extraordinary Items (FY) -0.09206
Price to Revenue (TTM) 3.61310
Price to Revenue (MRQ) 5.89770
Price to Revenue (FY) 3.61310
Price to Book (MRQ)
Price to Book (FY)
Current Ratio (MRQ) 0.15497
Current Ratio (FY) 0.15497
5-Year Annual Revenue Growth Rate (%) 105.61930
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