Fundamentals - Snapshot

Revenue & Earnings
Revenue (Mil) (FY) 13.24931
EBIT (Mil) (FY) -18.55052
EBIT (Mil) (MRQ) 3.35843
EBIT (Mil) (TTM) -2.39079
EBITDA (Mil) (FY) -17.97910
EBITDA (Mil) (MRQ) 3.46990
EBITDA (Mil) (TTM) -1.87190
Net Income Excluding Extraordinary Items (Mil) (FY) -28.32129
Net Income Including Extraordinary Items (Mil) (FY) -27.56268
Diluted EPS Excluding Extraordinary Items (FY) -0.18764
Diluted EPS Including Extraordinary Items (FY) -0.18262
Price to Revenue (TTM) 3.67176
Price to Revenue (MRQ) 2.46795
Price to Revenue (FY) 6.34840
Price to Cash Flow (MRQ) 403.81970
Price to Book (MRQ)
Price to Book (FY)
Current Ratio (MRQ) 0.14790
Current Ratio (FY) 2.03387
5-Year Annual Revenue Growth Rate (%) 84.64040
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