Jed A. Latkin

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Jed Latkin

Jed Latkin is Interim Chief Operating Officer of Navidea.  Previously, Jed was employed by Nagel Avenue Capital, LLC beginning in 2010 and in that capacity he provided contracted services as a Portfolio Manager, Asset Based Lending for Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund L.P. Jed has been responsible for a large diversified portfolio of asset based investments in varying industries including product manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and healthcare. In connection with this role, he has served as CFO of Viper Powersports, Inc., CEO of End of Life Petroleum Holdings, LLC, CEO of Black Elk Energy, LLC, Portfolio Manager of Precious Capital, LLC and CFO of West Ventures, LLC. Prior to his position at Nagel Avenue Capital, LLC he was a Senior Research Analyst, Global Markets for ING Investment Management and held various finance roles at Troika Dialog, Morgan Stanley, Fleet Boston Robertson Stephens and Citicorp Securities.  Jed served on the Board of Directors for Viper Powersports, Inc. from 2012 to 2013.  He currently serves on the boards of the Renewable Fuels Association and Buffalo Lake Advanced Biofuels. Jed has a BA from Rutgers University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.